The Modern Data Stack

A Modern Data Stack:

  • Streamlines the process, enabling you to consolidate multiple, typically disparate, data sources into one cohesive analysis

  • Saves time, avoiding the painful process of going back and forth between tabs, emails, and accounts

  • Simplifies the data collection and aggregation process, often a cumbersome task tackled by an entire team

  • Saves money, self-serve tools that easily connect speed the process vs building in-house solutions

  • Allows you to easily combine aggregated reporting from third party platforms with user-level data on revenue and customers

Major Players in the Landscape

Data Warehouses

  • Snowflake

  • Google BigQuery

  • Amazon Redshift

  • Microsoft Synapse

Data Integration

  • Fivetran

  • Panoply

  • Rivery

  • Stitch

  • Improvado

  • Xplenty

  • Matillion

Data Transformation

  • Pano

  • DBT

  • Alteryx

  • Alooma

  • Trifacta

  • Dataform

Business Intelligence

  • Tableau

  • Looker

  • Domo

  • Qlik

  • Mode

  • Google Data Studio

How Does it All Fit Together?

The Modern Data Stack