What is a Workspace?

Workspaces are secure areas for teams to collaborate around their data. Within one Company, there can be multiple Workspaces. It is hard to analyze in a silo, give teams a unified view of the business so they can make better contextual decisions.

Workspaces allow you to group together relevant boards, dataframes and conversations, while allowing you to customize permissions (e.g. giving access to one agency for certain campaigns, or sectioning off access per teams for different product lines).

Workspaces are commonly used to separate your data by:

  • Marketing channel

  • Product lines

  • Store locations or regions

  • Initiatives

  • Movie titles

For example, if you are a film studio, you would likely create a new project for each film you work on. If you run an e-commerce website, you might create different projects for each product, major campaign, or break give your agency different access from your brand team. We recommend you work closely with the Customer Success team to help organize based on your company structure and goals.

Features available in Workspaces

Signals [Available at the enterprise tier only]

  • Performance Monitoring

  • Goal Tracking

  • Issue Monitoring

  • Automated Insights


  • Comment on data points

  • Flag data issues or questions

  • Assign action items to other teammates

Adding a Workspace

If this step has already been done for you by Pano, disregard this section. If not, continue reading to create a Workspace.

  1. Log in to your Pano account

  2. Select the COMPANIES tab from your Main Menu

  3. Under your Company Settings Menu, navigate to the WORKSPACES tab

  4. Select CREATE WORKSPACE on the top right corner

  5. Name your Workspace

  6. Select CREATE

    1. Repeat Steps 3-5 to add additional Workspaces within your Company

  7. Navigate to your desired Workspace

  8. Select SETTINGS from the Main Workspace Menu

  9. Under General:

    • Choose an image for your Workspace. This could be the same image you used for your Company, or something visual specifically representing the Workspace (e.g. photo of your product, key art for your movie, state image for your store location, etc.)

    • Confirm the name and spelling of your Workspace. Type directly into the Name field to make any changes.

    • Select SAVE to ensure your image and name changes are updated, if you made any changes