Anatomy of a Board

A Board is a collection of dataframes in a sequential order, saved within one of your Workspaces. Boards display the information you need to answer relevant business questions.

Key Sections of a Board

Boards consist of the following Sections:

  • Workspace Navigation - enables you to move back to the respective Boards tab or to the Main Workspace Menu

  • Board-Level Exports - easily export any of your visuals to PDF or Excel

  • Board Bookmarks - bookmark a Board so you can easily come back to it every time you enter your Workspace

  • Board-Level Filters - allowing you to apply a Date Filter and a Benchmark once that then affects all Charts within that Board

  • Charts - visual representations of your data

To View a Board:

  1. Navigate to your desired Workspace

  2. Select BOARDS from the Main Workspace Menu

  3. Select the relevant Board you want to see

  4. Scroll through the Charts available on that Board, experiment with: Date Filters, Board Filters, Benchmarks, Exporting Functionality and Chart Filters

Create Custom Boards and Charts

Custom Boards are any Boards that have been customized to fit your unique reporting needs. As mentioned in the Overview, to create a Custom Board with visuals useful for analysis, you’ll need to create both a Custom Board and Custom Chart.

To Create a Custom Board:

  1. Log in to your Pano account

  2. Navigate to your desired Workspace

  3. Select CUSTOM BOARDS from the Main Workspace Menu

  4. Select CREATE BOARD to the far right of the Custom Boards screen

  5. To customize your Board, select the Pencil icon on the right. Here you can update the Board Name to a name of your choice, and/or select a color for your Board.

  6. Select SAVE to confirm your customizations.