Automated Insights

What are Automated Insights?

Automated Insights is a feature in Pano that analyzes your data’s weekly performance, and posts the 10 most important insights as Collaboration messages. To do this, the system scans all the charts in your Workspace, and zooms into the metrics and dimensions inside the charts. Then, we analyze the entities’ performance based on a few key factors, as described below.

The Automated Insights feature was researched and developed by the Pano team so you can get to meaningful takeaways about your data in a quicker fashion. With these insights, you can spend less time sifting through data, and more time in analysis and report delivery.

There are two types of messages created by the Automated Insights feature:


To generate Highlights, we assess your ad groups’ performance by grouping them according to three attributes:

  • Creative: What are you showing?

  • Audience: Who are you showing it to?

  • Media: Where are you showing it?

Once we identify ad groups that are similar with each other based on those attributes, we analyze which ad groups are best and worst performers within their groupings. Finally, we generate the most notable ad groups per platform with the metric having the most impact on it's over-performance.


Contrasts are insights that are based on performance metrics that have deviated according to Period over Period comparisons, as well as Benchmark comparisons. Then, we rank these insights according to:

  • Deviation: How much has the performance deviated from the Period over Period or Benchmark comparison?

  • Impact: How much Marketing Spend is attributed to the entity that is performing well or poorly?

Most Contrasts will be accompanied by a Root Cause Analysis that describes the entity’s performance in greater detail. In the example above, the Root Cause Analysis provides specific details for the Contrast, such as Country, Objective, and Region Cost Per View performance for the Video Target Publisher.

However, some Contrasts might not have enough root causes. In these cases, we will still post the Contrasts with a prompt, asking: What do you think might have caused this?

How many insights do you post on a regular basis?

Every time we generate insights for a Workspace, we will always post 1 Highlight, and 9 Contrasts with a Root Cause Analysis. We make sure to post these insights as a Collaboration message within a chart, so that you never lose context of what data points generated the insight.

How often do insights get generated?

We generate and post insights to your Workspace at the start of the week (Mondays, 5AM PST), and look back at the previous week (last 7 days) for Period over Period comparisons.

I saw an insight in my Feed a week ago, but now it’s gone. Where did it go?

Insights that have not been commented on, or interacted with within a week of posting, are automatically resolved to keep your Feed fresh.