What is Collaboration?

Collaboration enables you to work with your colleagues directly within Pano, diving into any insight together. Message other users on your Team about a specific Chart within a Board, and they’ll get notified via email or see the message appear within their Workspace Feed.

Here’s a quick explanation of some of the commonly used terms within Collaboration:

  • Collaboration - the communication feature within Panoramic. Note: this is different from the term Collaborator, which is a type of Workspace user.

  • Chat - an individual, unsaved message

  • Comment - saving a Chat

  • Conversation - one or more saved Chats

  • Conversation Label - you can label your Chart with any of the following options to better organize your Conversations in Collaboration:

    • Action Item - if you want to get back to this item again soon, or include next steps to the Conversation, use this Label

    • Issue - if these is something that looks wrong, either from your data or in the platform, use this Label

    • Insight - we automatically apply this Label when our AI-driven bot provides insights or performance snapshots

    • Question - if you have a question to a team or have an outstanding item, use this Label

    • No Label - if you do not want to Label the conversation at this time, select this option

  • Inbox - all of your public, private and team conversations within a single Company

  • Feed - all of your public, private and team conversations within a single Workspace

Add Collaborators

If you’re working with another Company such as a consultant or agency to optimize your marketing campaigns, you might want to provide them access to your Workspace(s) on Panoramic, either diving into the data together or enabling them do so on your behalf.

To invite others from outside of your Company:

  1. Navigate to your desired Workspace

  2. Select SETTINGS from the Main Workspace Menu



  5. Under the Collaborators field, search for a User. A User can be from any Company within Panoramic that you’ve granted access to.

  6. Under the Role field, select either EDIT or VIEW.

Note: You cannot add an Admin as a Collaborator. They can only be added as an Admin at the Company level (either when adding them as a User to your Company, or added as an Admin User of another Company).

Getting Started with Collaborations

  1. Go to a Chart, either from Featured Boards or Custom Boards

  2. Select the chat icon to the right of any Chart or Table

  3. Tag a colleague using the @ symbol then type their name. Your colleague’s name will appear in blue text after using the @ symbol to indicate that they will be notified of your message

  4. Select COMMENT to save your chat

To get notifications for this chat, including when other colleagues have responded to it (but you may have not been tagged), select the more icon to the far right of the Chat. A dropdown will then appear. Select FOLLOW CONVERSATION to ensure you are up to date on any messages received belonging to that Chart.

New Chat Navigation

There is a lot of functionality within a single Chat in Collaboration. To the left of the COMMENT button, you will see several icons which serve the following functions:


  • EMOJI - select an emoji in your Chat to indicate emotion or mimic an expression

  • TAG - Use the @symbol or select this icon to tag an individual colleague or Team

  • ATTACHMENT - upload attachments to add an attachment to your Chat

  • CHARTSHOT - add a screenshot of your current chart view so you and your colleagues can align on the same visual even if new data has outdated a Chart

  • LABEL - organize your Chat by type, such as Action Item, Question or Insight

  • PRIVATE/PUBLIC - displays whether your Chat is Public or Private, including the number of Collaborators included on this Chat (if Private)