Pano - A Data Transformation Tool for the Modern Data Stack

What is Pano?

Pano is an easy-to-use, low-code platform that allows you to quickly map and transform all of your company's data into meaningful insights so you can focus on what matters: growing your business.

Many transformation tools still rely on users creating complex "recipes" or "flows". These flows consist of a series of business rules that have to be chained together into complex dependency trees and executed in order. Legacy transformation tools provide the maximum amount of flexibility, but they are still designed around the basic premise of ETL, where data needs to be extracted, then transformed, then loaded somewhere. If you realize your final analysis is missing a metric, or one of your API sources updates to include a new metric, your data engineering team still needs to go update every single step in the flow to make sure that metric gets pulled in, transformed correctly, and passed all the way through to the final report.

Pano is a data transformation tool for the modern data stack. It is built from the ground up to transform data using the ELT approach and to take advantage of the amazing capabilities that cloud data warehouses like Snowflake and BigQuery provide. With Panoramic, you only need to keep a mapping of the data in your raw tables, no hand-written aggregations, no dependencies and have all your data available to you for querying the moment it is mapped. No more managing complicated pipeline dependencies, Pano reverse engineers the optimal pipeline for you based on the final report you want to build.

Why did we do it?

Pano was built on a simple observation. Businesses need to become more data-driven, but the deck is stacked against them. With today’s tools, they need the help of a whole team of analysts, engineers, and data scientists just to create a single chart with data from 3 API accounts. Not great when you have 5 more API accounts waiting in the wings and a whole dashboard to build.

At Pano, we asked what if we could do it better?

What if we could offer a single platform to do all of that, with limited coding required?

A platform where …

  • No prior training in analytics is required

  • SQL is available, but not required

  • No complex engineering is required

Who is Pano built for?

Data Experts

Clear your backlog of basic data cleaning and reporting tasks so you can focus on what you’re good at, building models, forecasts and building products that grow your business.

  • The tools to push relevant metrics to the teams who understand them best

  • Surface data quality issues in a way that's easy to fix them

Excel / BI Masters

Just like what you’re used to, but now you can define your logic once and use it forever, or until you want to change it. Imagine if all your data could flow into your perfect excel template instead of having to rebuild it each week...that’s Pano.

  • Cut time to prepare actionable data

  • Avoid IT bottlenecks and reliance on data scientists

  • Eliminate manual prep work

“I just need answers”

Don’t care about the magic sauce going on under the hood. Great, then don't, just ask for the metrics or dimensions that you care about and the system will tell you what’s possible, and give you the answers you’re asking for

Here’s Just a Few of the Many Problems We Help Marketers Solve:

  • Calculate custom metrics specific to your business by pulling in metrics from multiple different data sources into a single KPI

  • Enable every marketer within your organization to become insight-driven by enabling them to ask their own data questions and discover the answers themselves

  • Dynamically query your data so that we only pull the exact fields needed for the analysis, reduce strain on your warehouse by not querying the full chain of dependencies every time

  • Connect directly to your data warehouse and keep your data there, so you maintain full control

How Does Pano Work?

Pano makes your insights as agile as you are

Get the most out of every team by empowering them with the data they need. Legacy systems are built on complex ETL pipelines that require data engineers to write custom transformation queries to expose the data you need. With Pano you can connect all your data warehouses and Pano’s Data Preparation and Data Definition tools allow you to query and blend data across all of them. Pano continuously optimizes query performance and aggregation pipelines under the hood so your engineering team doesn’t need to write any more custom ETL pipelines.

These pipelines start off small and simple but grow over time to become behemoths that can slow down an organization’s agility. The static data copying nature of these pipelines makes it extremely difficult and costly to update once it is set up. With Pano, you don’t have to wait weeks for costly pipeline updates to expose a needed metric, it is as simple as updating the mapping in the UI and publishing your changes.

Single source of truth to track your company goals

Pano’s Unified Data Transformation Layer allows everyone in the company to get the answers they need, easily, in one place and in one common language. Don’t worry whether it's called a segment, an audience, a list, they all get mapped to the name your team is familiar with. Pano lets you easily blend internal sales and customer metrics with third party marketing metrics to monitor real business outcomes. Marketing spend, customer acquisition cost, lifetime value, return on ad spend, you name it!

Give your teams the context to optimize toward the right goals, the ones that will grow the business

Effortlessly stay on top of Performance

Data Monitoring & Insights lets you set goals, alerts and benchmarks. Pano will monitor all your data and notify you when you’ve reached your goal or suggest optimizations for poor performance. Easily customize Workspaces to focus only on the data you need, and collaborate with the team who needs the data.

Integrate into your existing workflows

This isn’t your first rodeo, you already have a Tableau dashboard that you’re used to looking at. Don’t worry, with Pano we can fit into your team’s existing workflows, whether it is pushing data out to excel for offline presentations or syncing with tableau to visualize cross-platform blended data. Pano’s growing list of Data Integration partners allows you to get the data you need, wherever you need it.